Sunday, December 26, 2010

...19 weeks.

This morning we are having a lazy day at home - home, being my parents home. Ava was up most of the night sick with a high fever and coughing - and time seemed to stand still as I propped up next to her in our bed stroking her hair and asking God to be gracious on my little one. She was miserable. But in the middle of that misery a few precious things happened that I'm tucking away into my heart...

1) Every few minutes between her feverish doze-off's Ava would reach out to feel my face or hand... just to make sure I was there. Or she'd whisper my name and just turn her tiny face toward mine - as if just by having me there made it all better.

2) "May" baby has become quite the active kiddo this week. I was getting kicks, bumps and full body rolls most of the night. Since I was awake anyway... it was wonderful to just lay there and enjoy. If I press on my belly - baby kicks back - it's a fun game we have going. I love it. And although lastnights circumstances were not ideal, what a precious memory this momma has of spending time with her TWO babies. :)

Speaking of baby "May" - I got my 19 week update this week in my email box. I'm still confused about how to count the days and some newsletters say I'm 20 wks, while others say 19, and one still says 18... so, we'll stick with the middle number and wait and see. Anyway, check out this incredible picture of a baby at 19 weeks gestation - awesome.

This isn't our baby, just a pic Pregnancy Weekly sent me for a visual. But, isn't it breathtaking?! I'm itching for our ultrasound on the 5th!!! Poor baby "May though" - we've done a terrible job keeping up any sort of picture documention of the belly and I haven't begun a baby journal yet as I did with Ava. It's just SO different this time around. We got our first baby gift on Christmas Eve from my Grandpa - a snowy white baby blanket, a couple of "neutral" outfits and some receiving blankets. I just held them and kept touching them over and over, every stitch, feeling so surreal that God has blessed us again!

Christmas is over. All those months of anticipation and planning are done with - and now its time to relax and enjoy. Today I'll be enjoying snuggles with my little sicky girl, time spent chatting with mom and watching my husband enjoy endless hours of free reading time. I have a zillion ideas for things "to do" around my house when I get home and I can't wait to share some Christmas pics on here... but, another day. Celebrating 19 weeks today!

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