Sunday, December 19, 2010

And the #2 birthday continues...

On Ava's 2nd birthday we had kind of our first REAL good snow fall! How lucky to be a little girl with a winter birthday! So, after daddy got home from work we suited her up and shipped her to the snow. She had never actually played in it before and kept asking, "can I touch it?". Precious.
She loved shoveling with daddy and attempting to make a snowball.We actually got enough snow to fill the whole back yard - which made my "favorite" tree all the more my favorite.

On top of getting snow - the #2 birthday continued when we let her open up just 1 more present. {her party isn't until today} This little car with little people is something I knew she'd love! There is one at our church and she finds it every week! Her reaction was priceless and she plays with it all the time. I loved when she woke up from her nap this week asking for, "little people car" with her bed-headed self. :)

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beccarankin said...

I love watching the first time they play in the snow. Can't wait to see pictures of the party!