Monday, December 20, 2010

The last Christmas...

Tonight we had our last Christmas as a family of three {Lord Willing}. We head for vacation this week and tomorrow is a big packing/cleaning day - so tonight we gathered near our little tree, Brad read from Luke about the story of Baby Jesus and then we opened our gifts to each other. Simple. Precious. Memorable.

I'll never forget watching Ava open her "big kitchen" and her eyes as they watched me set up every part. She was so eager to get in and "get cookin'". I always enjoy watching Brad be suprised {or at least fake it} as he opens his gifts and when we open our stocking's it's always a fun time looking at all the little things in there! What a sweet time. I couldn't help but get choked up a bit when I had a few seconds to myself while everyone else played or relaxed, thinking of how blessed we are - and how different next year will be. God has continued to provide for us and bless us with abundance.

I was thinking about Brad and I's first few Christmases, and especially the last one before we moved to Iowa. No money. Minimal gifting... but precious, precious memories and closeness. Usually our small apartments would be decked with whatever hand-me-down decor my mom could afford to part with, or something I tried to create to look festive. Never fancy - we just couldn't. But somehow, it seemed to shine every year. We watched as year after year God provided some kind of "Special treat" {even if it were just a fresh snowfall} and we would marvel. I hope we never stop looking at life that way - or marvelling at what God does. So tonight, as we unwrapped our gifts and laughed - my heart was very full. My blonde haired two year old was filled with wonder as we "opened tresents". My husband smiling as she tore open tissue paper packages... (sigh).

And maybe we'll never be millionaires - actually - I'm hoping we never even make it close! All I pray for is togetherness, closeness and the love of my family. Bonding together to remember what Christ sent to us on that special Christmas all those years ago. Below I've posted a video - one of my favorite songs, that will always and forever remind me of Brad and I. Enjoy. I'm sure many can relate. :)
Merry Christmas!

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

Have a safe trip! Merry Christmas!