Friday, December 31, 2010

An answer to prayer, an update and some plans

We made it back to home-sweet-home yesterday afternoon! I'm am so thankful for how Ava did on this trip. We did end up getting a hotel around Peoria because I was exhausted and Ava was starting to hit the wall... but, PRAISE THE LORD - we think those Sea-bands worked! She wasn't sick at all the entire 11 hours home. I'm amazed! And, she thinks the little wool bracelet is a special "big girl" bracelet so she doesn't even attempt to take it off. We are so thankful! {It was getting tough to turn my pregnant self around in the van to catch puke!} Thank you all of you who were praying!

And now, the first "May baby" picture update. Warning: this was first thing in the morning - so, its me, in the real... at the end of 19 weeks.

On the way to Ohio I started feeling the first kicks and wiggles and that progressed more and more as the time went on. Now we are up to full blown jabs, pokes and flips. I loooove it! I love this time! We have our 20ish week ultrasound and appt this Wednesday and I'm starting to lose sleep over wondering what this little kiddo is... a HE or SHE. Wondering if they will cooperate, unlike big sis did. Not that I have tons of money laying around...but, I'm kinda antsy to start baby shopping again. :)

I'm feeling great - and have gotten a little more energy back. I love maternity clothes and am so thankful to be in them FULLY again. {I have no shame in loving that stretchy band in my jeans} I am however, curious about the end.... will I go naturally? Be induced again? I know, I know - many weeks until then.

Something I totally missed doing prior to Christmas was to introduce another baby added to my family. My brother and his wife welcomed baby girl #2, Miss Hailie Paige, at the beginning of December. She is precious and I can't wait to meet and hold her. Her big sis, Kaci, is thrilled!

Aren't they precious?! It kinda makes me want another little girl... just to have pics like this! :)

And now for plans:
Tonight is New Years Eve and everyone always gets jazzed up about resolutions and what not. I'm not one of those people - tho, I do like to make "plans". And since I like to go a month at a time here is what I have planned for January 2011 -
-Start some sort of home learning with Miss Ava. Thinking of the alphabet. Maybe a new letter every two weeks with some activities to go with each one. Something very basic and simple just to get her started and make the most of our days.
-Work on having more consistent date nights. Even if I am the one planning every one of them.
-Creativity at home. Whether its making something homey, baking something new or rearranging a room... I want to continue working on being creative.

What are your "plans"? How can 2011 be better then 2010?

Happy NEW YEARS eve!

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becky said...

I'm on pins and needles for ya...can't wait to hear your good news tomorrow! :)