Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Change of plans...again.

I went to bed lastnight pumped about our playgroup at church this morning. I had told Ava all about how the next day we would wake up and go play with our friends. I LOVE our playgroup time - always a different blend of women and kids, and always just a quick, fun time of play and convo. And it helps to have it at church so you don't have to have your own home all clean and ready... just, a fun time to be had by all. {not that I don't love people in my home... I do!}

But, once again... my plans were changed. Ava slept in again, I mean, really slept in. She is normally my 7am riser - but lately its been getting later and later and today was no exception. As 9 oclock rolled around she was still in there snug as a bug. I credit the great sleep to two things: 1) she hasn't been feeling great 2) she is using my very special great-grandma quilt. That thing is com-fy and 3 times her size! She loves getting all snug in her bed and having us drape that quilt over her, rub her head and say goodnight. She even asks for naptimes earlier so she can get BACK into bed... is this a picture of whats to come in her teen years?! OH well - so, no playgroup for us. Instead, we curled up on the couch and watched the classic, "Frosty the Snowman" and then she asked to go back to bed. What will I do when I have another kiddo and life isn't this...easy? {don't tell me}

Ava Edyn turns 2 tomorrow! TWO! I keep thinking about this day two years ago - my mom was in, and we were going in to be induced on this night. After finding I was already pretty dialated they sent me home to come back in the morning...apparently it was a busy night at the hospital. I didn't mind the wait, though, it was hard to go home sans baby. Tomorrow I'll have a super mushy post, I'm sure, as my hormones and thought of having my baby turn 2 get to me... but for now, just some cute pics of the little one as she's growing up. She's beautiful.

Please note the leg warmers, tights and socks. She sure is 2!

Loves dancing with daddy now... they just spin and dance and sing. so precious.
So thankful to God for our little, "Plan changer", and how He is using her in our lives in such a big way!


Steve Finnell said...

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beccarankin said...

She is so big. I think she looks a lot like you in that black and white picture.