Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Travelling Van

Today is the day... I always dread it.
It's the day we load our little family and belongings back into our van and head home.
Christmas is over.
Time to return to normalcy, routine, and reality.
I dread, not so much that part, but, the actual ride.

The irony in my personal life is that I hate all things having to do with puke and my daughter gets terribly car sick equaling puke.
However, we are trying something new this time - Sea Bands. Ever heard of 'em? Used 'em?
So, we'll load up and pop on of these onto the kiddo...and pray for a miracle :) Here's to arriving back home sometime tomorrow!


beccarankin said...

Praying they work!

Sara said...

does she have any inner ear issues?

I remember at one time in my life i had some major inner ear issues and any time I was in motion I would just throw up every where... I eventually out grew it.

I hope they work for you :)