Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turning 2

Ava has been under the weather most of the week, and especially last night. This was such a bummer because no momma likes to see their baby sick...but, especially NOT on their special birthdays! So, as much as I wanted to, I didn't make a cake to tempt her sicky belly and we aren't able to do her big #2 family party tonight :( But, somehow... the simple birthday morning we had today made up for all of that. She woke up "Caw-ing" with the crows outside so we went in together to get her - singing "Happy Birthday to you..." and she just sat there smiling with her big ol' bed head. Then...promptly asked for presents. Hmmm, gonna have to work on that one. :)
So we carried her downstairs telling her all about how she was two now - a bigger girl - and how much we loved her. Then we sat down by the Christmas tree and dug out some birthday gifts.

In the picture above she is opening her brand new wood drum! She loves that thing and just plays and plays on it. It was neat how 1 year makes all the difference in present-opening. She was a pro and knew just what to do!
I loved watching the anticipation and hearing the gasps and "ohhhhs" as she tore the beautiful, shiny paper. Such a new world!

Waaay too interested in her TWO ponies to even look up for a picture. She loves them and we've been playing with them all morning.

In lieu of a big, fancy, rich birthday breakfast - I kept it as "BRAT'ish" {bananas, rice, apples and toast} as I could with some simple french toast and apple juice. Poor girl. But, I did at least hold a #2 candle she could blow out...and really, she could care either way. I loved the simple morning and the blessing of holding my two year old.

The tears didn't come until I started writing this post. And now... looking at her slender, little girl face it's just kinda hit me. My baby is two. Praise God for her - that's all I can say.
Happy Birthday Ava Edyn!
Here's a video of her opening her drum this morning - please don't mind my hilarious husbands commentary... one of the reasons I love him so.

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