Friday, December 17, 2010

.:Traditions- part II:.

A few weeks back I started reading Noel Pipers, "Treasuring God in our Traditions". It was a gift after winning a contest and something that was on my personal "wish list" anyway. Bonus! I have one more chapter left of this book and I am so glad to have read it. What a challenge! I don't want to give the whole book away... because it IS worth your time, and it's only 114 pages. But I did want to share some especially convicting and mind provoking thoughts that I was reviewing today again...

In the chapter, "How do traditions teach?" Noel says,

"We are always teaching our children, whether we mean to or not. Our children come to believe, probably unconsciously, that whatever is repeated regularly has significance."

Skip over a page and she mentions this...

"All of us are training our children both intentionally and unintentionally. We need to make sure we aren't leaving the important things to happenstance. We know it's crucial that they become familiar with God, our Heirloom and our only hope for real life. We yearn for them to love and trust and follow Christ. It would be foolish just to wait for them to learn that by chance. We must plan to reflect God and teach about Christ in the repeated events of our lives."

I am so challenged this afternoon and thinking of a million different ways that my family can work harder on making Christ central - teaching Him always. And as the momma-at-home, I'm finding this responsibility especially exciting and overwhelming. I wouldn't expect Ava to learn her ABC's, #'s and shapes "somehow" - why on earth would I think her mind/heart for Christ would come along any old way? What a challenge! Needless to say, after I let my hubby read this book - we'll be a LOT more intentional, and I'm so thankful for the Lord using this book as my wake up call.
Even though ministry is a priority... our family, and more specifically - our children - have to be our #1 mission field.

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becky said...

What a good post Mandi..this reminder is so important and much needed esp. this time of year. This book is on my wishlist i'm even more excited to read it.