Saturday, December 11, 2010


As we sat in front of our 3 ft tree tonight, holding mugs of hot mocha and dodging the occasional bouncy ball to the head from Ave's... we enjoyed life together as a family of 3.
It was good for my soul tonight. It was beautiful.

We turned out all of the "big lights" and just let the tiny white bulbs of the tree and the strand glistening outside the window illuminate our faces. We told stories, talked about life, and sang songs together. Beautiful. Something that all too often in the hustle of life doesn't happen.

We held our daughter and sang, "Jesus Loves me" and "Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Halls". Ava is learning how to try and say the words with us and my heart absolutely falls apart when I hear that tiny mouth say, "Jesus loves me this I knooooow." She cuddled into my chest and we gazed at the lights and talked about each ornament on our special tree. I pray it's as special to her, as it always will be for me.

These precious times are so beautiful to me.

Days when my husband is home all day and snow is falling and we have no where to be anytime soon. Days when jammies are worn until well into the day and the smell of pancakes hovers in the air. We read books together and talk about what's going on in our worlds.

It's beautiful to watch my husband read stories to our baby in the rocking chair and how he sings to her after the book is done - she relaxes and is silent in his arms. I can't help but feel that burn of tears well up as I watch from the door... and the smell of baby lotion will forever remind me of this special time. It's beautiful how his arms are always open to me...despite my hard days, unkind words and exhaustion.

I savor tonight. I'm praying it burns into my brain to be replayed over and over...

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