Friday, June 1, 2012

29 days of 29

In 29 days I'm having a kind-of-a-big-deal birthday. It's a big one. BUT I have 29 days left of 29. While I don't fear or loathe the next number in line... for some reason I woke up thinking about it today. Like, a lot. Even during my bible reading {through 1 John} it kept coming to my mind. Woah, 3 decades. It seems like it crept on me - came out of nowhere. Most days I still feel like a jr higher. And, perhaps, but hopefully this is untrue... I still ACT like a jr higher. {??}

My husband won't be in the country this year for my special day. I try not to think about it. It is just an another day for everyone else in the world. He'll be off to Haiti serving the Lord with some of our youth and their parents. For which, I praise God! But there's a teeny, weeny, tiny part of me that feels a little sad about his absence on that day. My Golden day, actually. Bah - I'll get over it. I'm sure we'll celebrate like crazy when he is home. :) 

I want to make the MOST of the next 29 days. I'm thinking today of creative ways to celebrate this whole month. I've come up:
-Write a list of 29 things every day that I'm thankful for. {Voskamp style}
-Try 29 new foods...tho, I'm a pretty adventurous eater that could get real interesting.
-Take a walk every day for the next 29 days. 
-Kiss my babies 29 times every day

Yea, I'm still thinking. Got any ideas? What did you do upon approaching your milestone b-days?

Just for fun, I've googled some things that were popular in the year 1982 - my birth year. Let's all have a good chuckle as we look back! 
Who doesn't remember the Glow Worm?!

Every Grandma's house had one of these. :)

I vaguely remember this show as a little girl.

Mr. President - circa 1982

The car of "choice" in 1982. I'll admit... I giggled.

And, oh, the hairstyles...
And, I'll end with this, and I will never complain about my computer again after seeing it.

Happy weekend everyone! 


Anonymous said...

1982 was a weird year for me... although very memorable and fun... I drove a Camaro Pace car to work at my space themed game rooms every day wearing a blue and silver lycra space suit with 6 inch heals... had an beautiful DeLorean in the garage that was driven just for show. I was a different person back then. I had all the world could offer, but I was still dead. God truly took the world from me and gave me Jesus. :-)
I hope and pray that our Lord will fill you so full of His pleasures that you won't care to have anything else.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

BUT...that computer is only $399!!! :)

I like your idea! Might have to steal it from you...not till next year though, because I'm not as old as you ;)

Sandra said...

I felt the same before I turned that age, but now I have to say that the 30's are the best years of your life :)

Sorry your hubby won't be with you. It's not easy when they're away.