Friday, June 29, 2012

A Million little ways I know I'm loved

There were moments in these last many days that I have felt the arms of my Lord so close around me. It was in the dark moments when I heard the whispers of truth and it was on the mountain top days where I could sense His joy in me.  One of the ways the Lord works is though His body - the local Church. I can testify, and I will, how deeply loved and cared for I have been while my husband has been away. The body of Christ has comforted, protected, loved and treasured me. The character and person of Christ is shown through them - it. was. awesome.

Tomorrow I turn 30 years old and enter a whole new decade. It's crazy to think about. 30 years. But really I have been celebrating my birthday this entire week - thanks to my church family and friends. I got to open a few more gifts this week from the Haiti team families, and it has been so much fun. In total I've received:
- Oreos & tissues
-Starbucks card
- fluffy pink sugar cookies
- sparklers and an olive garden card
- 30 gold coins

And all this from people who I'm not even blood related to. On top of these things I've had a brunch in my honor, cards in the mail, a Vera Bradley bible cover, texts and emails from people praying for me, babysitting offers, new wall decor, kcups and creamer, dinners with friends in their homes, a breakfast play date, deep conversation, etc. It has been a once in a lifetime kind of week! I feel like a queen. :) But even above all those awesome things and the million little ways I've felt loved - I have sensed something even more, even greater. Like the body of Christ just helped paint a picture of the Love of my Savior for me. Only...without the screaming children, coffee stains, cake crumbs, and clothes saturating heat. I've never felt alone or abandoned, only Grace, mercy and refreshment. My soul was thirsty for it. Who would have even thought a week without ones spouse would bring that?

And now we begin the descent... Daddy flies to the States tomorrow and will be home with us {Lord Willing} Sunday night. I'm giddy. And, in true form, I have a LOT of housework to finish. :) I know two little girls who are more then ready for our leader to return.
Yep. We've had a few more tears as we get to the end of the week. It's time. :) Praise God for His Grace to this momma this week.

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