Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday 
It's day #4 of daddy being in Haiti. It's a no communication type missions trip, so, what I know is: He is in Haiti, he is serving the Lord with the rest of his 18 team mates, He is probably sweating. :) I have googled the area several times where he is working - it's not pleasant. I'm really hoping and praying this experience impacts our team and that the Lord is glorified through it. I know He will be!

Happy Monday, by the way. I'm excited for this week. I have several things planned for my little ladies - play dates, new crafts, etc. Let's hop to some HHM! 

The weather:::
80's, 90's and even up to 100 this week. I've got the kids pool set up and full - even if I'm the only one who goes in. :)  Due to the tropical storm that went past Haiti, looks like they are in the same temps there. This might be a blessing as it's normally WAY hotter!

On my reading pile:::  
::   Bible. Book of 1 Kings.
::   "Julia's Last Hope" by Janette Oke
::   Finishing "Made to Crave" this week - hopefully.
::  A few chapters in "Strong Women Soft Hearts" for bible study.

On my TV:::
- Our cable picked up the NEW Disney Jr channel. Loving it. It's all preschool aged shows, no commercials and the cute Disney movies... 24 hours a day. Last night we watched, "The rescuers down under" - one I loved as a kid! 
- I'll admit that I watched some of the "Sister Wives" marathon last night on TLC. Ugh. It hurts my heart - they struggle so much and I find myself yelling at the TV, "because this is NOT God's plan for you!". Bah.

On the menu for this week:::
Yikes! With hubby away this week, I have minimal food planned in general.

Monday -  Some salad for mommy using whatever I have left in the fridge. Noodles for the girls.
Tuesday - baked hamburgers
Wednesday - Dinner at a friends house
Thursday - Dinner at a friends house
Friday - Brunch with a friend and... maybe eggs and toast for dinner.
Saturday - MY BIRTHDAY! Not sure.
Sunday - Whatever I can find in the freezer or cupboards, honestly.

On my to do list:::
Clean first floor
Paint the upstairs hallway
Deep clean bathroom
Organize the hutch - I'm making a kids craft drawer, so all my things need to go!

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Well... Ava and I are doing LOTS of craft type things this week. We'll be doing some balloon painting and more finger painting later this week. Personally, not really doing much creating.

Homemaking Tips:::
If toys are broken, missing parts, or just not played with... GET RID OF THEM! 
I'm finding half of my overflow problem in this area is from toys or half-toys with no purpose! I don't know why I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff like that, but, it does help so much.

Looking around the house:::
My girls have trashed the living room. Toys, craft paper, sippy cups and books litter the entire floor. August is trying to climb onto the couch with her chubby 1 year old legs. Ava is still in her jammy shirt from sleeping. Disney Jr is on for a few minutes while I drink my coffee and mentally prepare for the day.

From the camera:::
30 golden coins for my GOLDEN birthday this week! If you didn't read my post from the weekend - here's whats happening...
The families of those who are in Haiti all got together and got me a birthday present to open every day this week until my birthday!  Yesterday I opened Mint Oreos and mini packages of tissues - cute, so if I need to cry I can have some chocolate and tissues. :) Today was the gold coins! How thoughtful is this?! I love it! 
Something fun to share:::
The Gospel Coalition {for women} was this past week and apparently they are putting up all the sessions, plenary sessions and workshops online! Check it out here! 

I know I'm eager to listen to some of these when the girls are asleep in the evenings. We, women, NEED to hear truth!

On my prayer list:::
My husband in Haiti, and his team.
My children - especially my 3 year old who seems to be missing daddy so much already!
Diligence in getting things done around here

Bible verse, Devotional:::
Still loving 1 Kings - entering the part where Solomon's riches are described.

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Angie said...

Your such a strong woman, a total inspiration to me :)
Can't wait to hear what you and those gals get into this week!!