Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday!

Good morning, ya'll! We are full throttle into our week of VBS here with our church. It's a crazy, busy, fun week of ministry! I'm working with the babies in the nursery...slaving away in the A.C. :) Have a wonderful Monday!

The weather:::
Oh I dunno. Thinking HOT as it's already warm in here. Might need to turn the air back on - my allergies are going crazy.
On my reading pile:::  
Finished chapter 1 of "Strong Women Soft Hearts" by Paula Rinehardt. Good stuff! Excited to start the bible study with it {and a friend} here next week! 

Also finishing "Made to Crave" by Lysa Teurkeurst 

On my TV:::
Three year old and I watched, "Mad Hungry" one of our favorite cooking shows this morning while the baby slept. She's a girl after my own heart...already loving cooking shows! 

On the menu for this week:::
Simple menu plan as the nights are CRAZY with VBS. :)
Monday - PBJ's, baby carrots & ranch dip
Tuesday -   Spaghetti
Wednesday -  Ham and Cheese roll ups 
Thursday -   Scrambled eggs & toast/jam
Friday - Rosemary Lime Chicken and Romaine Salad
Saturday -   PF Changs :) 
Sunday -   Strip steaks and marinated veggies on the grill! 

On my to do list:::
Girls and I are hitting the grocery store as soon as the baby wakes up.
Then there's...
-general tidying
-putting ALL the clean clothes away
-vacuum the living room
-sweet front porch and kitchen floors
-clean out the van, it's still a mess after out trip to Ohio

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

I've been driving myself batty with pinterest lately. I came across 3 mini pallets and I don't know what to do with them. They are too cute and there has to be SOMETHING I can turn them into. 

Also, painting a night stand for my Ava girl. White spray paint is already done - now we are searching for cute drawer knobs and I need to put a coat of PINK on the drawer. :) 

Summer Fun:::
I'm SHARING Sandra's...because this is TOO COOL!
"Did you know that Venus is going to be passing in front of the Sun this week, more specifically on Tuesday?  
Well if you get a chance, you might want to see if you can observe it for yourself, it's the last chance that many of us will ever have to see it again. 
If you can't see it safely, remember that you can't stare straight into the sun, no telescopes or binoculars without the appropriate gear.....there will be a live camera on the Transit of Venus website that will be covering this event.  What a great way to see with the kids AND learn something too :)
We have a telescope that actually has a Sun filter, so hubby left it all set up for me, all I have to do is pull it out Tuesday evening and enjoy it with the kids, will try to snap some pics too :)"

Looking around the house:::
My bedroom is always somehow the last room to get attention. {sigh}
Seems to always resemble a large closet or...laundromat. :/

From the camera:::
I love our VBS theme this year - BUG ZONE! Here is the stage at church. Aren't the "legos" super cute!?
Photo: Vbs stage

Something fun to share:::

Splash parks are opening up around here. Many {in my area} offer a FREE lunch as part of the school districts whatever-whatever. It's a fun morning to take the kids to the splash park, grab a FREE lunch and then head home for naps! :) 

On my prayer list:::

VBS - that each worker would come with ENERGY and passion for whatever they are doing. 


Sandra said...

Hahaha it IS easy to let our bedrooms go isn't it? I sometimes feel like everything migrates into there.

Angie said...

I LOVE VBS time! The church my parents go to didn't get to have it this year as several members of the crew were going through really tough times. I need to find another church locally to take the kiddos to! Hope you have a great VBS week :)