Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh, Iowa.

On our way home from church last night my gas light came on. I also needed contact solution AND a pacifier as all of them seem to have vanished into thin air! This would mean that now instead of just stopping quickly at Walgreens - that a fill up would be necessary, too. Have I mentioned it was just the girls & I?

And then as I'm driving down the road - I glance to my right and see THIS lovely summer storm brewing. Sure enough while I'm thinking, "gee, that looks bad", a weather service announcement came on the radio. Yikes. I've never seen or experienced a tornado - but, for all I knew there could have been one tucked into this here wall of cloud. {there wasn't...I found out later}

So that was how our Summer Solstice ended last night. So much for the "longest day" all year, huh?

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