Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's almost the end. {our crazy week}

For those of you who serve in local church ministry... perhaps you will understand this best. Though, everyone knows what a busy week is like. We have been non-stop GO GO GO for about a month, and, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

At the end of May we traveled to Ohio for my cousin Bailie's graduation. I cannot believe my baby cousin is all growed up now {sniff sniff}. That was a drive there and back, 12 hours both ways. Phew! The week prior we had graduation open houses and actual graduations to attend. It was fun!

Then we went right into our week of VBS at church. This was Sunday through Thursday night from 6-8:30. Bradley also had work the whole day prior to those evenings, too. This week was the Middle School Plunge missions trip to downtown, etc. {more on that later}and the start up of our Summer Study on Wednesday nights. It's a scaled down summer time bible study - just to help keep us together and focused. We have much smaller numbers, but just as good content. Hubs is teaching from Revelation about the 7 churches - only, we have narrowed it down to 4 of them...because we only have 4 weeks to meet! This weekend we have our Backyard BBQ and car show. Then next week Brad has to buckle down and finalize for his trip to Haiti - which, begins on the 22nd. Breathe. I haven't digested this yet - our time apart, him going out of the country, etc.

Needless to say - we are loving what we do, but, sometimes it's a leetle exhausting.
Last night I put our 3 year old to bed {again} with tears in her eyes and a quivering lip. She misses daddy. Which also translates - "mommy has been grumpy" and "I want the fun parent". I know that in this new life of ours she will need to adapt and learn to let daddy go... just like I'm still learning to do. And I do keep it positive and remind her how awesome it is we get to serve Jesus!

A day at a time. Today is the last day of the Middle School Plunge and then we'll get a whole day tomorrow with nowhere to be. :) It's almost the end!

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Angie said...

Wowzers, you all have been busy. Hope you get some downtime soon. Everything you do is such great works but rest is sometimes good for the soul!