Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's Wednesday...which means it's almost Sunday.

After a pretty calm day yesterday, we enjoyed a play date this morning.  The girls were exhausted and were practically begging to go down early for a nap once we got home. So here I sit - thinking about time and how it either seems to fly by or drags its feet. I'm feeling somewhere in the middle. It's hard to believe we are on day 6 without daddy, but also... we still have 4 more full days {and nights} to go.  This week has been so great and even pretty easy. Anyway, it's, basically almost Sunday. :) 

Tonight we are having dinner at a friends house for which I am thankful. I just have not been feeling the whole cooking thing with hubby gone. The girls could care less what I serve them, really. I still try to keep it fun and healthy...but, so weird to only cook for little girls. We are excited to go eat with friends. And, as Ava reminds me, "play wif their toys". 

I got to open another birthday present today! A Starbucks gift card was tucked into a very sweet birthday card. Ah, so thankful. A gal could get used to this opening a present EVERY day for a week! I'm so humbled and thankful for this church family. So thankful for the Lords direction here and His constant provision and reminders of His love for us. 

Back to thinking about time...
I turn 30 in 3 days. 3 days. 

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