Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's day FIVE up in here!

Half way point! Wooooo hoooo! 5 more days till hubs is home. We are all so eager to see and hug our daddy. We've kept busy and I'm actually feeling a little tired this morning. But, I'll blame most of that on the new Janette Oke book I started last night. It's an oldie but a goodie.... "A Woman named Damaris". Anyone read that... in the 90's? :) {btw, don't really click to look...just snagged it for an example} I def burnt a few hours of the late night candles to get part of the way through it. A few weeks ago my friend Andrea handed over a stack of these Oke "classics" and I've already polished off one!
A Woman Named Damaris (Women of the West #4) 
We have kept busy around here. Yesterday we had a play date and lunch at a friends house. It was lovely. The kids feasted on Mac n' cheese and hotdogs while the mommas had those AH-MAZING Berry almond salads from Wendys :) Both our hubbys are away this week, so its wonderful to have each other to talk to, laugh with, and share heart issues with. I'm so thankful for those kinds of friendships the Lord is allowing me to build.

Last night Ava and I did some balloon painting - that was highly anticipated and asked about every half hour. ;) She did a great job and I was impressed with how she took her time and focused in on her task. Once it dries we'll frame it up and add it to her bedroom. 
And, not to be left out... little sis clawed at my legs for attention the whole time. :) 
After painting and all that fun - I found the girls doing this... 
Folks, I think we've entered the "tea party" stage. I'm so excited! I have Ava a few real glass tea cups and you would have thought I'd given her bars of gold. They play at this table all the time now - even now I'm watching them pretend to serve each other. Well, at least, Ava is. August is just smiling at the fact she's allowed to sit in the big girl chair.
I love these girls. I love this awesome responsibility. 

Continuing on with birthday gifts - today I got to open another one. 
So far I've opened: mint oreos & tissues - for times when I felt like crying I could grab a cookie instead, 30 gold coins for my 30th and golden birthday, and today... those amazing super soft sugar cookies with pink frosting. The card was so sweet and went with the cookie theme - about being a tough cookie while Brad was away, but to be a smart cookie if I needed anything. So creative! I love these people! And yes, all 3 of us have already had a cookie...before 9am. Hey, it's a special week after all! 

Today is kind of a down day, in the sense of not much going on. This morning is supposed to be play group at the beach day - but, wondering if the day off just might be more appropriate. I need to go to the store as we are completely out of fruit and I don't really have a plan for lunch or dinner. I'm thinking of turning half of our unfinished basement into a workout space, or, painting the upstairs hallway, or, doing nothing and just enjoying time with my ladies. 

5 more days... 
We can do this.

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