Sunday, June 17, 2012

Getting ready for "THE" week

As much as I try NOT to have a countdown to hubby's departure, it is happening in my head anyway. :/ I even got teary eyed today thinking that next Sunday it would be me flying solo with the girls at church. BUT I am SO EXCITED for his trip - truly!

Anywhooo... This week I found some time to jump on Pinterest and gather some ideas for the time while daddy is gone. Who knew kids needed so much more attention and direction when just one parent goes away! I've learned my lesson and will not depend on Ava to entertain herself {entirely} next week. Here's a peek at what will be happening in our home during daddy's trip to Haiti:

Balloon Painting 
Balloon painting! 
And, after we are done painting - we'll hang the balloons on string to dry. Those will then become a "Welcome Home" banner for daddy! :)

Toddler Skeeball 
Toddler skeeball!
I held onto the last diaper box for this one! 

Paint in ziplock bags, taped to table. Great distraction, no mess! 
Mess-less finger painting. :) These are ziploc bags taped down - filled with paint. Think magna doodle type deal!

And, last, but not least -
I'm looking to do something like this:

Positive reinforcement jar.  For weeks where daddy is away.

 My hearts desire is to be gentle, kind, and patient with my girls. I have been struggling lately in each of those areas. Bah! Brad and I are going to concoct some sort of rewards system that I hope to carry on into Ava's preschool time this fall. I'd love to hear your ideas on this. Pinterest had a TON of similar ideas. 

So, yea, lots to prep for. Not to mention getting daddy ready to go and out the door. So thankful he doesn't leave until Friday! 

I'm doing really super great with my weight watchers this weekend - which is so encouraging. I had a few weeks slump, only losing ounces or even gaining a pound here and there. Annoying. I've been enjoying lots of fresh veggies with olive oil and sea salt {yum!} and keeping close track of my "Points". I lost a pound since Friday. A pound people. This is all fine and good and motivating - until - I got my Midwest Living magazine in the mail with THIS as the cover. Yep, how does one feel motivated to lose weight when drooling looking at this? I'll tell you - they have cucumbers in olive oil and garlic salt instead. I jealous.

Good thing I love my veggies... and can factor in something like this with WW. I love that program! Granted, it may mean eating raw veggies the rest of the day...but, I could do it. :) 

We are officially into having Sunday nights off for the summer around here. Normally we would get together with church friends or something - but, tonight its a laid back, messy living room kind of night. Hubs is excited to turn on 60 minutes - or favorite show. :) And, I'm excited to just be home and together. Praise the Lord for a summer rest tonight! 

And, if you are in the area - let me know if you'd like to get together next week. We would love to plug in some fun play dates! {is that lame to say??? oh well}


Sandra said...

I know all too well what it's like when one parent is away, kids really do need that extra love and attention :)

Sorry your hubby is going away soon, lots of hugs for you.

Angie said...

It's gotta be hard seeing your hubby go away on his journey but I admire how much you support him. Hugs & Love coming your way.

Such cute ideas for the kiddos! I'm sure you all will have a blast