Saturday, June 23, 2012

Days 1 and 2.

Well, we survived our first full day and night without daddy... without any tears. Though, my 3 year old did get a little weepy at bedtime. I was so proud of her for being brave. Holding onto her "daddy snuggle shirt" helps, I think. :) I don't blame her for needing that... I have "daddy snuggle pillows" on our bed. Smells like old spice and his bath soap. {sigh}

Yesterday was spent:
-gathering craft supplies at Michaels
-pit stop at Kohls to look for sandals for the girls...and having no luck.
-lunch at Culvers after mommy's weigh in for WW. The irony there is...huge.
-filling up the pool in the backyard
-a mini water balloon fight
-swimming and outdoors time
-Pocahontas on Disney Jr. with popcorn!
-August falling down the stairs {more on that later...}
-Bedtime stories
-Mommy having rocky road ice cream after the babies were asleep :)

I was literally singing praises to God that they day felt so so easy. I received so many texts throughout the day from people telling me they were praying for us - and folks, we could tell! Thank you!

Today is the day where I have little to nothing planned. Which, could be fine or could be a disaster. I'm learning that busy little hands and minds leave little room for mischief and tears. We started the morning with breakfast and then the girls played with their toys for awhile. For Ava that meant Polly Pocket and for August it was repeatedly climbing up and down the kids play table. She is a climber, that one! Climbs on anything now. She even knows how to hike that little leg up on the couch and pull up onto it. yikes.

Anyway, while I cleaned the kitchen I set Ava up for some finger painting with her new paint set. At Michaels yesterday I had her pick out two pieces of big scrapbook paper so she could finger paint one and we'll balloon paint the other. She choose...PINK {shocking right} and turquoise! She did a great job creating a masterpiece and it lasted at least 30 minutes :)
When August wakes up we'll take a trip to the mall nearest us. Hubby bought me a pair of TOMS for my birthday - and I need to exchange for a bigger size. And since Target is right there... we may as well go in. I need milk anyway.

So, that's that. Keep us in your prayers? So far I'm feeling confident and loved and easily able to lean on the Lord through this. And, really, the girls just want my TIME - something I can freely give to them while daddy is away. We'll be good.

And, August is ok from her fall. That lil' bugger. She knows how to do stairs {though shaky} and loves to do it herself. Normally I walk behind her to go up and behind her to go down - last night she literally sped past me and attempted head first to go down the stairs. She tumbled down the 6 top stairs and landed on her back. I was paralyzed and felt like it was all slow motion. 2 minutes later she was fine and grunting for me to hand her a toy...and her bottle. Not a scratch! Praise God! She def keeps me on my toes all the time now. 

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Angie said...

I'm glad you are coping so well. Hang in there, God will see you through. Very glad to hear that your little climber was injury free. I've got a 2 year old who climbs on everything. He scares me to death!