Thursday, June 7, 2012

VBS... and, some random.

Bug Zone has been happening here all this week. We are all just about wiped out exhausted. But VBS is so worth it! I'm in the baby nursery and probably have the easiest job on staff... but it's still a blast to watch children laugh, run, and enjoy time at church. :) My 3 year old is having the time of her life! I love watching her dance and sing during the closing song time - she just loves it. Warms a momma's heart.
My husband has been quite the character this week - seriously. Cory the Cockroach, to be specific. Try not to be jealous. :) He's the one on the left...dressed as a ... cockroach.
When he's not "Cory", he's a pest eliminator. {ironic?}
But, seriously, it's a fabulous time and we love our church so much and praise GOD for all He's doing this week in childrens lives. 

On an entirely different note - Summer is in full swing. It's been in the upper 80's and will get back into the 90's this weekend. I've accepted it. Remember...I love my fall. But, I can't say I'm hating these lazy days by the splash pool and losing weight just be sweating. 

This morning my friend Andrea and I went to the splash park near our homes. It's a free place and the water just gets to be about a foot deep - perfect for all our littles. :) There are a few fountains, 2 playground areas and FREE lunch at 11:40. Can't beat it. During lunch time today some Iowa institution on vegetables {err...something} was there passing out plates of baked asparagus. Yep, asparagus - every kids fave, right? They wanted the children to try the veggie and cast a bean vote {throw beans into the jar}on whether they, A) LOVED it, B) Liked it or C) Tried it. Ava voted A because she LOVES asparagus. :) That's my girl! 
Apparently they plan to do votes like this throughout the summer on other foods - I heard next week is strawberries. Fun! 

And one more very random and different note. 
I officially hate dieting and losing weight. I love the smaller size and results, obviously. But... I just feel starving all the time this week and every single food looks like I have to have it RIGHT NOW. Ever have those weeks? I'm super curious to see what the WW scale has to say tomorrow. Bah. My mother sent us home with boxes of girl scout cookies 2 weeks ago... and, that's all I'll say about that. 

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

First of all, your husband is HILARIOUS. We had a good time watching the VBS videos online.

Second of all, which park do you live by in Des Moines? And..can Ankeny people come too? :) If so, maybe we could have a playdate there sometime!