Friday, June 15, 2012

.Hungry Jack Syrup lies.

It seems everyone in the family {almost} woke up 1) too early 2) grumpy beyond belief and... 3) Hungry!  We purchased a package of 7 grain pancake mix from our local farmers market last weekend and today was the day we planned on using it. Pancakes are a special tradition in our home. One problem - out of syrup. Little things like that just cast a shadow on my day for some reason. I feel like we plan things out and its now the special time - and there is always, always, ALWAYS some sort of interruption or detour.  >>Admitting now that I'm one of the grumps today.<< I'm usually pretty go-with-the-flow, but today this was especially annoying. Maybe because...

Our 3 year old was up at random times last night. Just grumping. Crying in her sleep. Angry in her sleep. I've never seen such odd things while someone sleeps. I went in to comfort her at one point and she was having a sort of fit/tantrum...all with eyes closed. So weird! I'm sure its related to growing and being up too late and a rough week missing daddy. Anyway, we had a rough night with that one. 

One year old attempted to wake up at 6am. I heard her in there grumpin'. No pleasant coo's or babbles. It was grumps, grunts and fake crying. {yes, at 1 she has that down already} How my heart just hurts on mornings where kids wake up grumpy. I know I should get a grip and just work harder at being pleasant and setting the tone - fighting the temptation to get grumpy myself. But so often I fail and so often I feel defeated even before my feet hit the floor or my mind has had its first thought of the day. Even now I'm downcast - tears right on the verge of escaping. 

So anyway, the rest of the early morning was met with fits, tantrums, raised voices, impatience, time outs and a very flustered Mommy. I just don't get it. Here I am trying to give thanks and focus my mind and heart on the work the Lord laid before me, and, secretly I'm wishing I could just hide for the day. Even flipping pancakes caused my blood pressure to rise as kids whined, complained, and tried to rush me. The baby is crying all the time now. Always wants to be held. Always fussing. 

And, to top it off...
Hungry Jack syrup lies. It says the cap is "no drip".
When it finally got around to being my turn to eat - I found one bottle of Hungry Jack syrup, with streams of mess flowing down every side. I knew I couldn't trust that little smiley faced lid. 

It's calmer now. Baby is sleeping. Hubby reading. Big girl hiding in her afghan tent in the dining room. I have David Nevue playing on the laptop and it seems to be calming us all - softening edges and wrapping up those frazzled nerves. But really I know that's the Lords work - starting in my own heart.  Ann Voskamp has a post out today that spoke to right where I "feel" right now. Overwhelmed. I try not to use that word often, or like a crutch, because its easy to blame if it were a person.  But, great post and great truth for my Friday.

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Sandra said...

You know somedays it just happens. It seems to snowball and I can usually tell when it's going to be one of *those days*.

It's ok to feel overwhelmed, you're a mom, you're one person and yes at times it feels like you're being pulled in a hundred different directions. :)

Glad things calmed down for you.